Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to Configure Proxy in Google Chrome [Configure to use Proxy Server]

Most of the Gprs Tricks on Pc Needs to use proxy servers in Browsers. Now We are teaching you how to configure proxy in Google Chrome. The Screen shots may help you to understand more clearly.

How to Make or set up Chrome to Use a Proxy Server :

Open Google Chrome. Then Select options icon from the top right part (As shown in the figure below).
Then select Settings.
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Setting Menu will open. Here you can provide the Home Page (marked as 1 in the figure). Then SelectUnder the hood.
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When Under the hood tab opens, Click on Change Proxy Settings.
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Then, Internet Options will open and you have to select the connection and click settings.
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Then Under proxy Server, Check on the check box and you can provide proxy server address and port there. 
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Then Click OK. You Are Done !

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