Saturday, 25 May 2013

A documentation system many Linux apps

Added support for "clang assisted parsing", which allows the code to also be parsed via libclang (C/C++ frontend of LLVM) and can improve the quality of the syntax highting, cross-references, and call graphs, especially for template heavy C++ code. To enable this feature you have to configure doxygen with the --with-libclang option. Then you get two new configuration options: CLANG_ASSISTED_PARSING to enable or disable parsing via clang and CLANG_OPTIONS to pass additional compiler options needed to compile the files. Note that enabling this feature has a significant performance penality.
· Included patch donated by Intel which adds Docbook support. This can be enabled via GENERATE_DOCBOOK and the output location can be controlled using DOCBOOK_OUTPUT. Docbook specific sections can be added using \docbookonly ... \enddocbookonly
· Added support for UNO IDL (interace language used in Open/Libre Office), thanks to Michael Stahl for the patch.
· Included patch by Adrian Negreanu which stores data gathered by doxygen in a sqlite3 database. Currently still work in progress and can only be enabled using --with-sqlite3 during ./configure.
· For interactive SVG graphs, edges are now highlighted when hovered by the mouse.
· Include patch by Adrian Negreanu to show duration statistics after a run. You can enable this by running doxygen with the "-d Time" option.
· Included patch by Markus Geimer which adds a new option LATEX_EXTRA_FILES which works similarily to HTML_EXTRA_FILES in that it copied specified files to the LaTeX output directory.
· id 698223: Added support for C++11 keyword alignas
· id 693178: Added support for processing DocSets with Dash (thanks to Bogdan Popescu for the patch
· id 684782: Added option EXTERNAL_PAGES which can be used to determine whether or not pages importated via tags will appear under related pages (similar to EXTERNAL_GROUPS).
· id 692227: Added new MathJax command MATHJAX_CODEFILE which supports including a file with MathJax related scripting to be inserted before the MathJax script is loaded. Thanks to Albert for the patch.
· id 693537: Comments in the config file starting with ## will now be kept when upgrading the file with doxygen -u (and doxygen -s -u). Thanks to Albert for the patch.
· id 693422: Adds support for Latvian (thanks to a patch by Lauris).
· Included language updates for Ukrainian, Romanian, and Korean



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