Friday, 10 May 2013

Free Download Chaos Software Chaos Intellect

Chaos Software Chaos Intellect | 6.41 MB
Time and Chaos is the best CRM contact manager software for Windows users. The relationship history of any contact or client is easily tracked and Chaos 8 improves your time management capabilities with its appointment calendar and to do list tasks that show you exactly what needs to be done today. If you are on a network, Time & Chaos allows you to share your data with everyone on your network with no expensive server add-on required.
Time & Chaos gives you an important advantage!
Since 1992, Time & Chaos has provided great contact manager and time management features to people just like you! We invite you to download a fully-functional version to try with no missing or disabled features. Give us a chance and we’ll prove to you that Time & Chaos is better than anything else out there!
In fact, the staff of CNET’s recently reviewed Time & Chaos and their comments are a must-read if you are considering what Time & Chaos could do for you. [We must say it is one of our favorite reviews of the many we have received over the years!]

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