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Zeus Botnet Full Tutorial

Zeus Botnet Full Tutorial 
This Details is for information aspects ONLY and I am NOT accountable in any way on how you use information offered and what you do with information. Thank you and appreciate studying.

First of all I want to tell you that ZeuS Bot is the most unlawful bot out there. It is the only bot that joins to a web web variety and not to a IRC direction or a PC. It is very unlawful as it is regarded as a cost-effective viruses as it information every online action to a directories. Well starting.

Step 1:
First of all you need offshore web variety, preferably ideal.
The best i've found so far is SANTREX and VieFireHosting.
Sign up with santrex- http://santrex.net/
Think of a domain that is not easily tracked though if possible.

Step 2:
Uploading the files.

1. Go and login into your CPanel X.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241645cpanel.png][/spoiler]

2. Go to File Manager.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241647cpanelx.png][/spoiler]

3. Go and create a directory of your choice.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241649cpanelfilem.png][/spoiler]

4. Upload the upload.zip to the directory created.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241657cpanelfilem.png][/spoiler]

5. After that extract the files.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241659cpanelfilem.png][/spoiler]

6. Chmod the directory /install/ and /system/ to 777. Also the whole directory.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241703cpanelfilem.png][/spoiler]

Step 3:
Creating the Database.
1. Go to MySQL Databases in your CPanel.

2. Create a database and write the name down.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241709cpanelx.png][/spoiler]

3. Add new user and write the details down.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241711cpanelx.png][/spoiler]

4. Now add the created user to the created database. Be sure to select all privileges.

5. Be sure you have written everything down and move to the next step.

Step 4:
Installing the panel.
1. Navigate to the directory you created and got to /directory/install/. A Panel installer should appear.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241720controlpane.png][/spoiler]

What to enter:

Username: Enter the default username which you will use when logging in.
Password: Your password when logging in. Make it strong.
MySQL server:
Host: "localhost"
User: Your database user created before.
Password: Your database password created for the user.
Database: The database name.

Online bot timeout: Leave it as it is.
Encryption key use something VERY strong.

Step 5:
Making the bot.
1. Navigate to your ZeuS files and open config.txt
Replace the link where it says with your link. Also the encryption key you used before.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241739zeus.png][/spoiler]

2. Open the zsb.exe
The designer also has a cleaner so if you analyze your hosting server on your own pc you can just eliminate it with a just just click.

Then simply just click Develop Config. Preserve the computer file.
Click Develop Loader. Preserve the computer file.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241743zeusbuilder.png][/spoiler]

Now go and publish cfg.bin and bt.exe to the same listing as the board.
Also you can remove the /install/ listing since the board has been set up in the past phase.
[spoiler][Image: 201003241749cpanelfilem.png][/spoiler]

In final the directory with Zeus installed should look like this:
[spoiler][Image: 201003241750cpanelfilem.png][/spoiler]

Installed! Now a information on how everything works!

Now look at the record where you hav your ZeuS bot panel. Got to /directory/cp.php
A indication in box like this should be there:
[spoiler][Image: 201003261654login.png][/spoiler]

Enter your panel username and password.
if you would like for your web web web browser to keep biscuits so that you don't need to sign in again whenever you keep the web page analyze the choice.
Click Publish.

So now here is the panel.
[spoiler][Image: 201003261704newthreadin.png][/spoiler]

1. Shows you the present user
2. Shows you the summary (see natural comments)
3. Shows you the OS analysis of the infected spiders.
4. You can browse through the spiders and and their reports
5. You can browse through the applications you got. Add/edit them.
6. There you can look for trough the opinions in the database
7. There you can look for through the opinions which are most times is txt framework.
8. Just exclusive information about your program and things.
10. Options. If you change the protection key the immediately you decrease all your spiders. You need to make new web host hosting server and config computer information file with the new protection key and spread it again.
11. Enhance your protection security password.
12. Add and manage clients.

1. Shows you the wide range of finish opinions in databases.
2. Shows you plenty of your time and attempt and energy and attempt the first bot came online.
3. Shows you finish spiders. The wide range of finish computer systems infected.
4. Shows you the wide range of effective spiders ins the last 24 time.
5. Shows you the little version of spiders.
6. Shows you the highest possible version of spiders.
7. Places up. Every pc which has not been infected with a Zeus bot web host hosting server before gets on this history.
8. With this control control buttons you can completely totally reset the creates.
9. Shows you how much spiders are currently online.
10. Allows you jump to analysis of a botnet.

Now you just need to spread your web host hosting server.

Thank you for learning.
Please take your time and attempt and energy and attempt to reply/rate the line.

This bot is one of the most illegal bots you can get its main use is to steal credit card details so be carefull, there is a zeus tracker.


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