Saturday, 1 June 2013

Best Free Task Killer Apps for Android

A common problem with Android 2.2 or above is that it has left users running low on battery as too many apps are starting up on their own accord. As a result  TasKillers have grown in importance. Originally they seemed to be quite handy tools for keeping your Android handset in order. However, changes to the Android operating system have led to TasKillers to seem like a necessity in for Android users. Many Android apps do not have a close or switch-off function; hence continue to run unknowingly in the background. Below Brothersoft has complied a list of four leading TasKillers that will make that all important difference.

Advanced Task Killer is available free from the Android market. It is guaranteed to bring the best battery life out of your Android. The app, developed by ReChild is one of the best out and out TasKillers on the market and can be set to auto-start once your handset is switched on. By tampering with ‘auto kill level’ and ‘auto kill frequency’ settings will ensure that battery won’t just fritter away. Those that are concerned about it interfering with important programs can rest assured. Advanced Task Killer cleverly ignores alarm clocks. The ‘ignore’ setting means that apps that you don’t wish to get rid of will always be safe from a kill. Those that are ‘ignored’ will be placed on to a list which can be edited at any moment.

Battery Dr. is more than just a TasKiller. Developed by ipop dev, tt is the complete battery prolonging app. It not only monitors battery usage, it allows users to make adjustments to reduce battery consumption and also as an out-and-out TasKiller. The best bit about Battery Dr. app is the clear, concise yet really useful information it provides on battery usage. Remaining battery is revealed in terms of talk time, audio and video playback and surfing. To be frank it is not the best TasKiller available. But it brings awareness and an experience that cannot be compared to a conventional TasKiller. In particular the screen widget and the battery saving recommendations are excellent. Battery Dr. is a solution that can reduce battery consumption by upto 30-50% and hence is definitely worth a try.

Advanced Task Manager by INFOLIFE LLC is a simple yet effective TasKiller for Android. It lists all running tasks in a manor that makes it easier to control battery rinsing apps. It allows users to speed up their handsets. The app lets users force programs to quit and comes with more features, tablet support, easy-to-user auto-end widget. Admittedly no matter how fast it closes unwanted processes the app does seem very dull.

Taskiller by AxDroid LLC is yet another app killing solution that runs silently in the background, helping save your battery. With a single click users can switch between apps and close down running apps, it offers great simplicity. But rather annoyingly it is unable to ignore the alarm clock. This obviously will prove problematic for those who have a job and need to get up in the morning.
It would not be wrong to suggest that a number of Android handsets have tended to have really terrible battery life. The large number of apps running in the background are often ignored. In most cases to simply restart is not enough. Taskillers provide Android users with an answer, even though many people are still against their use.

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