Friday, 14 June 2013

Free Mobile Helper free download

BS Editor: Give you everything you want in Macro Mobile World.

Powerful functions, easy operation and high compatibility, these are all important factors for the reason why Free Mobile Helper becomes a customer-oriented product. 
(1) Sync mobile devices with your PC. 
(2) Free to download vast Android and IOS APPS. 
(3) Stay updated on the latest Android apps and IOS apps. 
(4) Easy to manage the address list,SMS,calendar,tasks,install and uninstall apps both on mobile and PC.


Sync Files Seamlessly
Sync your personal files and documents between your device and PC effortlessly!

Backup/Restore Data
Backup contacts and Apps to your PC. Transfer contacts between Android phone & iPhone.

Easy App Management
Download, install, and update apps using the App MANAGER with a single click.

Trendy Resources
Trendy apps, games ready for download. No more aimless searching on the web.


Synchronization Manager
Manage your mobile phone via PC client.

India Native APP Store
Free to download vast Android and IOS APPS (massive India native apps).

Files Expert
Easy to manage your address list, SMS, calendar, tasks, apps both on your mobile and PC.

Latest APPs
Stay updated on the latest Android apps and IOS apps.

New features of the new version: 

1.New attractive interface; 
2.Higher running speed; 
3.More abundant resources; 
4. Add a new function of sending text SMS messages on the PC suite; 
5. Add a new app recommended page classified according to the Indian urban; 
6. Add a mobile life navigation option; 
7. Add the iOS6 adapter and the jailbreak guide; 
8.improve the adaption of iOS apps.


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